Carrie Underwood Gives Boy a First Kiss He'll Never Forget (VIDEO)

carrie underwood kissAh, the first kiss. So legendary songs have been written about it. So steeped in mystery that kids spend hours in front of the mirror practicing. And for one 12-year-old boy, all it took was holding up a sign at a Carrie Underwood concert to get it from the star herself.

The country singer spotted Chase Kurnick in the crowd at a performance in Louisville, Kentucky, but what really caught her eye was his sign with the simple request: "Will you be my first kiss." The fact that she complied says a lot about the giant heart of the singer (anyone else rushing to iTunes to download her latest hit today?), but man oh man I can't help thinking about Chase's parents in all this.  


Anyone else thinking they got off easy with their son's first big moment? For starters, there's no worrying about whether or not their kid will have a "good" first kiss.

Chase got kissed, onstage, in front of thousands of people, by a gorgeous and talented woman who is known all around the world. Not only is he going to remember it, but there's evidence all over YouTube for him to show the grandkids way down the line!

Not to mention when your kid's first kiss is Carrie Underwood, you don't have to worry about him getting spurned at school the next day by some fickle girl who stole his heart and suddenly turned cold on him the way kids that age do. The singer will remain forever perfect in Chase's eyes, and perfectly out of reach (especially considering she made a point to tell the little man that her husband was in the crowd!).  

So why would his parents even be thinking about all this? Think that's kind of creepy? Not really, not for parents who remember all too well what it was like to be a lovesick teenager.

When your kid starts talking about the opposite sex and closing in on the teen years, your own heartaches come rushing back, and all you can think is, "No, please no! Be kind to him/her. Let this be easier on him/her than it was on me!"

For Chase's parents, at least one of those worries is gone. They won't have the kid who mopes away the years worrying that they'll never be kissed.

He has had his first kiss ... and how! Check out Carrie Underwood planting a smacker on this kid:


Has your kid had their first kiss yet? Were you worried?


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