Beyonce Is Pregnant Again! Beyonce Is Pregnant Again! (VIDEO)

beyonceBeyonce Knowles, mother to Blue Ivy, wife to Jay-Z, is pregnant "again." At least so say the tabloids and the sources and the insiders. Why did I put the word "again" in quotes? Because she was never pregnant the first time, remember? Or, wait, was that just a ridiculous "stuff Hollywood conspiracy theory dreams are made of" rumor?

Maybe I'm naive, but I buy Beyonce's first pregnancy, hook, line, and sinker. Half because we actually saw her pregnant belly (or the world's best prosthetic bump). Half because it's completely insane to lie about being with-child for nine months -- and then building an entire wing at Lenox Hill in the spirit of "really committing."

So, yeah, I'm finding it particularly hilarious that "the woman who was never really pregnant" is pregnant again. Yet ... I'm totally not surprised at all.


Under the headline "Beyonce Pregnant Again -- Source Confirms," Hollywood Life posted, among other things, the following excerpt:

The mother to 8-month-old Blue Ivy is about to be a mom to another little boy or girl! The singer was spotted in NYC sporting a baby bump, and a source confirms to that she is pregnant!

Yeah, no.

Here's the thing with with moms, both celeb and non (and Kate Middleton): If they're looking a little extra curvy or bloated, or they refuse a cocktail, the world assumes they're pregnant. It's kind of, like, "Hey, they're down to have kids -- they already have one. What's one more?"

Now, is there harm in speculating such a thing? I suppose not. Far worse things have been said about celebrities. But it's probably slightly annoying for Beyonce to pick up a magazine and "find out she's pregnant." What are you trying to say? That she's fat.

And seriously, guys. Have we really learned nothing from Jennifer Aniston?

Have you ever speculated that someone is pregnant based on how they look?


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