Lies About Kristin Cavallari's Pregnancy Weight Have Her Furious

Kristin CavallariIt's an all too familiar scene: new celebrity mom has popped back to her pre-baby shape just weeks after giving birth. So when I read that Kristin Cavallari had shed her pregnancy pounds in a little over a month, it was annoying but no big surprise.

What did drop my jaw? Not that the reports about her weight loss were egregiously exaggerated, if not completely wrong. No. I was shocked that the Laguna Beach star blasted a celeb magazine for incorrectly stating she lost all her pregnancy pudge. She hasn't. And she wants other women to know that.

Yep. KCav took to Twitter to slam Us Weekly big time and in an instance became a hero to new moms everywhere.


The magazine printed that Kristin, who delivered son Camden Jack in August, had been "working out like crazy with a trainer" and had "no problems losing the weight." Cavallari shot back:

KCav tweet

Apparently, they also got her son's DOB wrong and she added:

KCav tweet 2

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Can I just say I love KCav now and you should too. You've read those stories. I've read those stories. Hell, I've written those stories. I can't tell you how many celeb moms swear that they do it all the "right way." They say it's all healthy diet, exercise, chasing around their tots and the pounds just melt away in record time. Yea, right. It just makes us mere mortal moms roll our eyes. Truth is, if they have indeed truly lost the weight that quickly, there is probably nothing healthy about it or they are hiding that baby fat under three layers of Spanx.

Kristin's angry tweets were one of the few examples ever of a star keeping it real about the baby weight battle. I am just happy that a reality star has finally shared a bit of her reality.

What do you think of Kristin Cavallari's slam? Are you surprised?


Images via nick step/Flickr and Twitter

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