Rude Kelly Osbourne Should Know Better Than To Say Lady Gaga Is Pregnant

Lady GagaTrying to guess if someone is pregnant before they're ready to tell you is a losing proposition any way you look at it. Either you're wrong and you just called a woman fat, or you're right and you take the wind of their surprise. Yet, people continue to try and do it, and end up looking like rude, insensitive jerks in the process. Take Kelly Osbourne, for example.

In a recent interview with British radio personality Alan Carr, which will air tomorrow, Osbourne claims that she's pretty sure that Lady Gaga's recent weight gain is because she's pregnant. She has all sorts of reasons to support her assertion too.


According to the Daily Mail, Osbourne said: 'I think she is pregnant because she has been covering up this part of her body recently and I have been noticing that a lot."

I assume she's speaking about her midsection. She went on to say, "And her style has changed and you can’t bleach your hair blonde when you are pregnant."

Who even needs a pregnancy test with evidence like that? 

You would think someone like Osbourne who struggled for years with her weight in the harsh public spotlight would be more understanding. You would think that she would not be like so many others who jump to the conclusion that a woman is pregnant just because she has a little post-burger bloat, or because she gained 25 pounds like Gaga says she has. It's not always a baby, and it's not exactly a boost to one's ego to have people claim you look like you've got a baby growing in your belly.

The fact that Lady Gaga smoked pot on stage in Holland (which she did after Osbourne recorded the show) may do something to quell the pregnancy rumors, but it's ridiculous that they are in need of quelling and that Osbourne had to fuel them. People should wait until a woman announces she's pregnant to ever mention the possibility. There's no prize if you guess right, and if you're wrong, you're a big loser.

Has anyone ever assumed you were pregnant when you weren't? Have you ever suggested someone else was when they weren't?


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