Beyonce Thinks 1-Year-Olds Should Be Able to Vote

obama onesieIn case you haven't heard, Beyonce supports Obama. So much so, in fact, that she and husband Jay-Z have helped raise a staggering $4 million for his re-election campaign. So much so, in fact, that she and J just held a $40,000-per-ticket fundraising event. Sooo much so, in fact, that she just debuted -- a seriously adorable -- Obama clothing line.

Next up on Beyonce's political agenda? Lowering the voting age. To 1.


My guess is that the birth of her adorable baby girl, Blue Ivy, has gotten Beyonce thinking: Why shouldn't the littlest Americans have a say, also? They're citizens of this country, too, after all. What kind of nation are we if we're letting "the parents" choose the leader of "their" country? What a Plutocracy! Of course, come November, Blue Ivy still wouldn't be able to vote -- she'll only be 10 months, and a 10-month-old getting a say in who the next President of the United States is is completely ridiculous. But other celeb babies will have the opportunity to cast their vote -- Harper Beckham (though she may legally be a British citizen); the Jolie-Pitts; Mason Disick. If this law passes, guys, I have a feeling a write-in is going to win the majority this year (Big Bird).

Remember, though, Beyonce, if babies do get a say in the picking the next POTUS, they won't be wearing your super cute onesies to the polling stations. In some states, that's illegal.

How cute are these onesies? Will your baby be voting this November?

Image via Runway to Win

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