Gwyneth Paltrow's TV Rule Is One Every Mom Should Follow

gwyneth paltrowGwyneth Paltrow runs a tight ship at home. When she's not busy cooking up a meal of water, air, and quinoa shavings, she's making sure her kids get the most out of their day. Gwyn sat down with InStyle and talked about what it's like being a busy mom and raising daughter Apple, 8, and son Moses, 6, and revealed that, like most parents, she totally lets her kids watch TV

The only difference is that when Gwyneth lets her kids watch TV, they're only allowed to watch shows or cartoons in Spanish or French, no English. Lo siento, mis hijos! Je suis désolé, mes enfants!

She's such a cold-hearted bitch.


Who doesn't let their 6- and their 8-year-old enjoy TV in their native language?

A bitch, but also a thoughtful genius, that's who.

Gwyneth's kids might think she's a total meanie, but the no-English TV rule is really for their own good. These kids travel a ton for Mommy's and Daddy's careers, they're constantly exposed to foreign languages, probably have some pretty stellar tutors, and if they wanna watch TV, fine, but Gwyn's going to make sure they're going to get something out of it. Maybe learn the French word for "elf" or the Spanish word for "honey." And if they don't want to watch in Spanish or French, no prob, I'm sure she points to a stack of books in English that they can entertain themselves with. 

Most of us like to give Gwyneth a hard time because of her draconian diet and her Goopy emails that remind us not only that we're broke and can never afford to spend $90 on a plain white t-shirt, but that we're somehow assholes if we don't do two hours of yoga a day, mist our faces with the dew from Nepalese mountains, and wrap our babies in raw organic silk harvested by a group hard-working mothers supported by micro-finance investors and fair-trade organizers.

But this non-native-language-TV-rule, I can't fault her for that -- she's just trying to make her kids better, well-rounded people. I'm sure it's not an easy rule to enforce, I bet even Gwyn can be worn down by a 6-year-old's cries for The Sword in the Stone IN ENGLISH MOMMY, PLEASE! but she's got their education, their well-roundedness, and their future in mind. She's made a brave, if not bold choice, and I gotta salute her decision.

Even if it is a little "mean."

What do you think of Gwyneth's rule?


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