Giuliana Rancic's Baby Photos Bring Hope to Infertile Women (PHOTO)

Giuliana Rancic Bill rancic babyWhen you've been struggling with infertility, the magazine covers of happy celebrity parents showing off their new baby can feel like a pile of salt being poured on your wounds. But Bill and Giuliana Rancic's Life & Style cover with son Edward Duke Rancic may be the exception that proves the rule. 

Right down to a tagline that screams, "Meet Our Miracle Baby," the story being told by Bill and Giuliana right now is one of hope for couples who desperately want to become parents. Because, let's remember, they've been there too.


Giuliana has wormed her way into my heart as a celebrity who has bravely talked about her struggles with breast cancer and infertility both. Admitting your body is "failing" you is something so difficult for women that infertility remains a taboo subject even in 2012. But admitting you are struggling when you're a Hollywood celebrity requires that extra amount of strength. The Rancics had to steel themselves to the onslaught of criticism and curiosity, and they've handled it like such champs that it's impossible NOT to celebrate the good things that come their way.

And little Edward is one of them.

He -- and this magazine cover -- represents the bright light that exists at the end of the tunnel for couples who are struggling right now. Maybe it won't be all rainbows and unicorns perfect. Maybe you won't get pregnant. Maybe you will.

Or maybe you'll end up going the surrogate route like the Rancics and finding that the end product is what makes all that pain, all that suffering, worth it. As Giuliana told Life & Style:

I couldn't believe that all those years of struggling and the tears actually paid off. Every shot, every doctor's visit -- in the end, when you're holding your baby in your arms, you forget it all, and it's worth it.

How can you not look at this magazine cover and smile?


Image via Life & Style

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