Brad Pitt Says Being a Parent Is Harder Than Being a Stuntman (Duh!)

brad pittBecause Brad Pitt is, well, Brad Pitt, I could probably be persuaded to agree with just about anything that came out of the man's mouth. However, I would actually agree with his recent comments about how being a father is tougher than being a stuntman even if he weren't Brad Pitt.

That's right, the father-of-six says he gets way more bruises playing Dad than he does doing stunts for action movies, like his new flick Killing Them Softly:

"Getting the kids ready for school is every bit as painful as anything I had to do in this film," he said, and I believe it -- I only have two kids, not six, and mornings are enough of a battle.

BUT there is one point I feel Mr. Pitt neglected to make: It's not like parents aren't stuntpeople already! We stare danger in the face a thousand times per day, pulling off some of the most challenging and complex moves ever seen (on- or off-screen).


For example:

1. Contortionist Breastfeeding Most commonly used in moving vehicles when baby is strapped into carseat.

2. Couch-Hurdling For that moment when you see your baby find a penny on the floor from across the room.

3. Ice Cream Lunge A split-second save involving the rescue of your kid's just-purchased ice cream cone before it hits the ground.

4. Playground Pratfall What's the best way to calm down a crying kid who just took a tumble? Re-enact the same blunder on the spot! (Ow.)

5. Speedy Delivery Oh no, your kid needs his/her violin/field hockey stick and just got on the school bus? Run like the wind, maybe you can catch up!

Bet some of these are familiar, right?

What mom stunts have you performed?


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