Julian Castro's 3-Year-Old Daughter Was Hot Stuff at the DNC & She Knows It (VIDEO)

carina victoriaI almost couldn't take my eyes off the electric and, ahem, hawt San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro when he gave his historic DNC Convention speech last night. Almost. Only one thing could take my eyes off Castro -- his hair-whippin' 3-year-old daughter, Carina Victoria.

You saw this, right? While Castro tells how he tenderly wished his daughter "Que Dios te bendiga" as she left for her first day at Pre-K, we see Carina Victoria in the audience, flipping her hair and Voguing like the Queen of the DNC. You could almost hear her say, "You betta werk, Papi!" Cutest political moment ever -- watch!


With a few tosses of her head, little Carina just made us forget all the hundreds of candidates kissing babies photo ops ever taken. Carina Victoria hair flips, FTW! I'm practicing my own Carina flip right now. By the end of the day I am going to be FIERCE! Yes, of course there's a Gif.

carina victoria

As if it weren't enough that the Castro twins' (OMG, there are two of those men!) mom didn't totally remind me of my Mexican-Puerto Rican mom, I swear -- Carina Victoria looks (and primps) just like my sister did at her age. EXACTLY. That is such a 3-year-old girl thing to do. All of you who've seen your own daughters pull this move, raise your hands.

I was going to write a post about how proud I was to watch the first Latino give a keynote speech at a DNC Convention. I was going to quote Castro saying how Romney "doesn't get it" and how generally ass-kicking the speech was. And I still think all those things! You should definitely hear the speech if you haven't already. But this little girl here stole her Daddy's spotlight and now it's all we can talk about.

Have you ever seen a little girl steal the spotlight like this?


Images via Aol.on and BuzzFeed

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