It's Baby Time for Giuliana & Bill Rancic!

Giuliana RancicAt last, it's time. One of Hollywood's most loved couples --  Giuliana and Bill Rancic -- is getting the baby of their dream. Like, right now.

Just a few hours ago Bill tweeted, "It's game time ......." Around the same time, Giuliana tweeted "U all will be 1st to know ;)" And what perfect timing. They've been enjoying their babymoon in Colorado and have just been waiting for that call to come  that their gestational carrier is in labor ... and now that call has come.


This little boy's arrival is one of the most widely anticipated in a long time when it comes to Hollywood babies. Sure we were and remain curious about Snooki's baby because, well, she's Snooki; and we were thrilled when news came that Kourtney Kardashian delivered little Penelope. There's always this kind of odd excitement when it comes to the children of celebrities we'll likely never meet, but it's different and deeper with Bill and Giuliana because we've seen them go through so much.

From infertility to cancer, they've shared their struggles and emotions along the way. We've witnessed so much of their pain that it's particularly exciting to get to share this incredibly joyous time with them too, even if it is from afar.

Now the wait is on for the next bit of news, which will hopefully be that the little guy has arrived and that he's healthy and strong. I can't wait to see him in his parents' arms that have ached for so long to hold him. If only every baby could be loved as much as you know he will be the world would be a much better place.

Best wishes to them all.

Have you been following Bill and Giuliana's ups and downs?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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