Suri Cruise Deserves Her $400K Allowance ... & Then Some! (VIDEO)

suri cruiseAlthough concrete details on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce have been few and far between, a few facts about the settlement have trickled out. Because as we all know, Katie was so desperate to leave the marriage that she's getting bunk for herself, the dough in discussion is all 6-year-old Suri's. The settlement reportedly specifies that Katie's going to get a $400,000 annual allowance for Suri until she turns 18. (After that, she'll lay claim to a sizable trust fund Katie is having set up in their daughter's name.)

At first, yeah, it sounds like a whoooole lotta dough. A crazy astronomical amount for anyone, let alone a child. But when you think about it, it's really not as outrageous as it seems.


We're talking about Tom Cruise's child here. The man is worth at least $270 million. Call me crazy, but I am puuurty sure the guy can afford a measly $400K a year on Suri's living expenses. In the scheme of all things Cruise, it's mere pennies! By comparison, both Charlie Sheen and rapper Nas pay about $200,000 more annually in child support plus spousal support (which Tom doesn't have to worry about). So it's really no big deal. In fact, experts are saying it's definitely not going to be enough to cover the lifestyle Suri got acclimated to when Mommy and Daddy were married ...

But that's probably a good thing. She's better off without the $1,000 designer high heels, purses, $100,000 tree houses ... So let's hope what reports are saying is true. That the funds will go toward medical care, dental care, and a world-class education provided by private school Avenues which charges $40,000 a year in tuition. There's no question -- providing for these necessities is the least someone like Tom Cruise can and should do for his daughter.

Check out this video for the latest on Suri's new life ...

Do you think Suri deserves her $400K allowance?

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