Snooki's Big Fricken Knockers Are Perfect for Breastfeeding a Hairy Meatball! (VIDEO)

snookiWell, of course Snooki is breastfeeding!! Just cause a guidette gets a little nervous about what it's gonna be like when some hairy newborn meatball starts slurping away on her big fricken knockers doesn't mean she's gonna miss out on nursing baby Lorenzo now that he's here. Or, in other words, it was completely normal for Snooki to express concern about the possible discomfort associated with breastfeeding whilst still pregnant (more on that below).

Just like it was completely normal for Snooki to hate on those aforementioned big fricken knockers whilst still pregnant ("I'm a D now ... I hate my boobs so much!").

Anyway, the point is, now Snooki "loves nursing her little man!" Just like we knew she would.


I mean, the Snooksters was just being honest back when she made comments about breastfeeding like, “I’m just scared ... it’s kind of like you’re a cow and you’re just milking.”

Well, she's not WRONG, is she? (I've breastfed two babies, I know what she's talking about!) Plus she was clearly dealing with some not-so-supportive pals at the time, like the "friend" whose nursing experience was "so painful."

So I'm extra proud of Snooki for giving the whole cow/milking thing a shot and sticking with it. For two whole days! Which reminds me -- just wait until that milk comes in, Snooks. You'll really be hating your boobs! (But it won't last forever, don't worry.)

Did you expect Snooki to breastfeed baby Lorenzo?

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