10 Wackiest Comments Snooki Probably Made While Giving Birth (VIDEO)

labor and deliveryAfter hearing the news that viewers will get to see Snooki's labor and delivery on an upcoming episode of her reality show -- I feel like we should go ahead and get the popcorn ready to tune in for that episode. Because odds are good that it will go down in history as one of the most entertaining pieces of reality TV that ever graced the airwaves.

Supposedly we'll have the pleasure of seeing and hearing Snooki's reactions as she progresses through labor -- although camera crews were reportedly kicked out of the room before it was time for her to push. (A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere.) But if the majority of Snooki's birth experience minus the actual delivery was filmed -- we're still in for a real treat.


Because the words that likely came out of Snooki's mouth while she was bringing baby Lorenzo into the world are sure to be nothing but pure comedy. If I had to guess, I'd say we'll hear something similar to all or most of these 10 comments when the birth episode finally airs.

1. "Sorry it's a jungle down there, doc. My belly was so big I couldn't see well enough to shave."

2. "OMG. I think I might be about to poop. Nope -- just a fart. Whew!"

3. "Damn. I KNEW I should have packed the leopard print sheets. These things are disgusting. EWW! You mean other people have given birth on these same sheets?"

4. "JIONNI! Don't look! Why? Because you'll never have sex with me again!"

5. "I really hope there's a tanning bed somewhere in this hospital."

6. "Don't my heels look hot? See -- I TOLD everyone they'd fit just fine in the stirrups. Oops, don't mean to keep kicking you, doc."

7. "I'm staarrrvving. Jionni, can't you run and get me an order of spaghetti and meatballs or something? Wait -- never mind. If I eat something, I'll poop for sure."

8. "Ahhh! I just peed all over myself! Huh? Amniotic what?"

9. "Just so you know -- I'm never doing this again. Don't even think about touching me, Jionni. Yes, of COURSE I'm kidding. Let's make out."

10. "He's out! He's out! Fist pump!"

You can hear more about Snooki's birth being filmed in this video clip.

What other funny comments do you imagine Snooki said during her birth?


Image via MammaLoves/Flickr

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