Now That Snooki Is a Mom, She'll Rethink 'Jersey Shore'

snookiGTB -- Gym, tan, birth! Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi gave birth early this morning at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, N.J. The baby boy named Lorenzo Dominic LaValle fist-pumped his little way into the world at around 3:00 AM, weighing in at 6 lb, 5 oz. MTV released the statement: "We couldn't be happier for Nicole and Jionni on the healthy delivery of their baby boy! We look forward to Lorenzo's first trip to the Jersey Shore and can't wait to see his first animal print onesie."

MTV is supposedly bringing back Jersey Shore for future seasons -- with Snooki remaining part of the show. It hasn't been said just how big of a role the pint-size guidette will play, but now that she's a mom, I'm thinking it'll be a pretty small one -- if any at all.


Before we give birth, we have all these assumptions and make all these promises, right? I remember telling my pregnant self that I'd never be one of those women who went out for the day, looking a hot mess just because I had a child. I was going to take the time to put on some makeup, to take of myself. I was going to be a "stylish mom" like Posh Spice! Ehhhhhnotsomuch. My daughter is just shy of being four months, and I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've been out in public, unshowered and sweatpants-clad. Because it's a lot. Because I don't care. My daughter comes first, followed closely by the errands I need to run. Looking "stylish" isn't nearly as big of a priority as it was, or as I thought it'd be.

So. What am I trying to say here with this semi-long, fairly-boring story about myself? That nothing -- seriously nothing -- can prepare someone for having a baby. We can read up and talk to others all we want, but we honestly have no idea until we give birth ourselves. The things we thought were important -- and the things we promised ourselves we'd do -- sometimes have a way of just magically disappearing.

Maybe Snooki will make a few appearances on Jersey Shore next season. Maybe she won't. It's up to her. But I definitely don't think that things will be exactly as she planned them to be. Because her world was just completely turned upside down. In a good way.

Did you make promises to your pregnant self that you couldn't keep?

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