Alanis Morissette's Postpartum Blues Confession Will Save Other Moms

alanis morissetteAlanis Morissette has never been shy about expressing what's on her mind and in her heart. It's one reason why, when her first album Jagged Little Pill hit big, I was an adolescent fangirl for her angst-ridden shtick. Over the years, she's certainly seemed to mellow. But that doesn't mean she was immune to an emotional ride many moms find themselves on ...

The 38-year-old revealed recently to ET Canada that she actually had a bout of postpartum blues after the birth of her son Ever Imre in 2010. She says, "I just thought it was a swampy chapter ... If I soldiered it out, that it would go away." But of course that's not how it played out ... 


She admits, "I came to realize that the longer I waited, the more intense it would become." Makes sense, but wow, that couldn't have been easy. My heart really goes out to her.

At the same time, though, I truly admire her candor. With up to 20 percent of new moms experiencing postpartum depression, it could never hurt for a celeb mom like Alanis to confess that she was affected. It definitely helps to "normalize" the condition, which is unfortunately portrayed in our culture as taboo or disgraceful. And that's exactly why Alanis is talking now. She explains:

I think if there is any goal in me talking about it, it would be to eradicate the shame around it. It's just what happens sometimes and, for me, I just waited way too long to reach out for help.

Glad to hear that she did ultimately acknowledge what was going on and reach out. I'd really be curious to learn what she did to address her feelings, too, because she is known for being kind of a "crunchy granola," natural parenting-lovin' mama. And sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if new moms experiencing post-baby blues are all too often pushed toward prescription drugs to cope. It would be cool to know if Alanis meditated, did yoga, or took calming herbs like kava kava, etc.?

Regardless, the fact that she's gone public with her "swampy chapter" is commendable enough in itself. I'm sure her story will serve to reassure many women that they're not alone and that there is absolutely no shame in asking for help.

How do you feel about Alanis's admission?

Image via oouinouin/Flickr

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