Pregnant Reese Witherspoon Reportedly Rushed to Hospital Twice in Two Days

Reese WitherspoonAccording to a new report from Radar Online, Reese Witherspoon was rushed to the hospital after having some sort of complication with her pregnancy. Supposedly she initially went into the hospital on Tuesday night and wound up being released, but headed back to the hospital yesterday.

As of last night, one source claimed that Reese is still there, and doctors fear there's a possibility of her going into early labor, which they're trying to prevent.


Reese will reportedly remain in the hospital for at least a few more nights in the hopes that preterm labor can be stopped.

And apparently Reese is handling the situation a little bit better than her husband, Jim Toth. The same source said:

"Jim is really worried about the baby. He's a first-time father so this is all really new to him and he just wants everything to be okay. He's a bundle of nerves. Meanwhile, this will be Reese's third child, so she's been through this before and she's trying to keep him calm."

If this report is true, Reese's calm demeanor really isn't a huge surprise. She's a level-headed gal, and I highly doubt she'd put any added stress on her body or her baby during a critical time like this. And another reason she's probably not too shaken is because she's due in early September. If her baby does wind up being born early, he/she will be fairly close to full-term, so the risks of additional complications aren't as bad as they'd be if this had happened earlier in her pregnancy.

Hopefully everything will be ok, and it will still be a couple more weeks before we hear an official baby announcement from Reese and Jim. The birth of their first child together is such an exciting moment, and they absolutely deserve for things to go smoothly and easily just like any new parents.

What well wishes would you send to Reese and Jim?


Image via jdeeringdavis/Flickr

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