New Mom Neve Campbell Shows Off Baby No One Knew Was Even Born

neve campbellNeve Campbell's not pregnant anymore?!Looks like it's a Party of 3 for Neve Campbell! The 38-year-old actress was recently spotted on the beach with 34-year-old beau JJ Feild and their newborn baby! So congrats are definitely in order, but the question remains: Pink or blue balloons? That's right, Campbell somehow managed to pull off the ultimate preggers celeb magic trick -- she gave birth to her first baby and nobody found out!!

Well, until now. Still, we don't know much. Not even basic details like the baby's gender or name! Besides the fact that the baby was indeed born, we only know one thing for sure ...


That little nugget is cuuuuuute! So cute. Oh, I could just eat him or her up!

Anyway, obviously Campbell's got a lot on her hands right now, what with a newborn and her career (she stars in the upcoming Lifetime movie Sworn to Silence, which she also produced), but when things slow down a little? I totally think she should start teaching a class to other preggers-in-public types. Call it: How to Keep Your Baby's Birth a Secret with Neve Campbell. Celeb moms-to-be would sign up in droves!

(Snooki, are you listening?! Call Campbell asap!)

Are you amazed Neve Campbell was able to keep her baby's birth a secret?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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