It's About Time Katie Holmes Let Suri Act Her Age (PHOTO)

Katie Holmes Suri CruiseI'll say this for Katie Holmes. Now that her divorce from Tom Cruise is final, the celebrity mom is working overtime to give daughter Suri Cruise the normal childhood she has been missing for the past six years. Does it really get any more normal than riding your bike? With training wheels?

But that's exactly what Suri was up to over the weekend with her mom. And get this, she was wearing a helmet! And she had her teddy bear in the bike's basket. Gasp.


Could Suri actually be ... acting her own age? No fancy clothes? No over-the-top extravaganzas? Just the same pink helmet that makes every other little girl on earth look kind of dorky but safe?

Thank. Heavens.

My husband and I have a bit of a disagreement about celebrity kids going on. He says I shouldn't feel sorry for them because they have amazing opportunities that our daughter will never even dream of because her parents are regular working stiffs.

But I can't help it. And it has nothing to do with the money. I have similar sympathy for plenty of poorer kids too -- like the Toddlers and Tiaras girls or some of the future professional athletes whose parents have them on a strict practice routine from the time they're ready to walk. I look at them and wonder: Do they ever have fun? Do they ever get dirty? Do they ever splash in mud puddles or dance in the rain?

My kid does. Just yesterday she and her babysitter stood like whackadoodles in our driveway, running around in the rainstorm. I wish I could have bottled the giggles. If I could, I'm sure I'd be able to cure cancer or stop the wars in the Middle East simply by opening the lid. It was so pure and incredible.

You don't get a second chance at childhood. And kids like Suri haven't even gotten the first chance ... at least not until now.

I hope she fell of that bike. Not because I want her to have gotten hurt (I'm not an ogre!), but because I hope she got a skinned knee and a nice Band-Aid covered in cartoon characters to show off for it. That's the mark of a kid who is actually getting out there and living ... a kid who is getting to be a kid.

Do you feel bad for celebrity kids or are you on my husband's side?


Image via Splash News


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