Gisele Bundchen Confirms Pregnancy As We Await Latest Breastfeeding Gaffes

gisele bundchenGisele Bundchen has confirmed what we all suspected for months -- she's pregnant again with baby number 2. The world simply doesn't have enough heart stoppingly gorgeous people, so she and husband Tom Brady made another. What the world also doesn't have enough of is insanely gorgeous women talking about the benefits of breastfeeding. So during breastfeeding month, at a time when formula is being banned from hospitals everywhere, it's fitting we know that Gisele could very well be the poster girl for next August's breastfeeding campaign nursing her new bundle of beauty.

Yep. We better prepare ourselves. Because if Gisele is as outspoken on what she believes a new mother should do this time around, her words may take the mommy wars to a whole other level. 


In case you forgot, Bundchen said:

Some people here [in the US] think they don't have to breastfeed, and I think "Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?"

I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.

She caught lots of flak for it. But the supermodel kind of relishes in getting "caught" saying something controversial. She went off on how her husband can't throw the ball and catch it when cornered about the Patriots' Super Bowl loss.

But no matter how you feel about what she said ... she does speak some truth. Her husband really couldn't throw the ball and catch it and breastfeeding really is the best for babies. Granted her words were more like daggers straight to the hearts of formula feeding mothers (not cool), but even La Leche League's exec Barbara Emanuel thought Bundchen's core message was positive. Emanuel exclusively told The Stir: "Her comments sound like a fulfilled mother who wants other mothers to experience the same joy."

Maybe this time Gisele can be softer with her words. Share her knowledge as a second time around mommy with others in a way that they will want to listen to her, not dismiss her as some hot and dumb model who mouths off too much. Or maybe she'll birth her baby under a tree, all natural style, still looking as gorgeous as ever, just like fellow model Josie Maran did, and put baby to breast and make us all feel sub par in the awesome mother department.

Because that's what all these mommy wars are really about. Being made to feel not as good as another for your choices. Particularly when it comes to breastfeeding. A mom who formula fed is going to automatically feel attacked when another mom says how breastfeeding is best. Especially if you call formula "chemical food" or poison. Which means there is no winning the war. It just rages. Unless you take the words of LLL's Emanuel in her interview with The New York Post to heart: "One mother doesn't have to be wrong so that another mother can be right."

Do you think Gisele will have more pro-breastfeeding things to say now that she's pregnant again? Do you think it will be harsh or softer this time?


Image via Bob Bekian/Flickr

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