'Toddlers & Tiaras' Mom May Lose Custody for Dressing Daughter in Fake Boobs & Butt (VIDEO)

toddlers & tiarasI don't know about you, but those pageants in Toddlers and Tiaras scare the hell out me. Dolling up your little girl with hooker makeup, wigs, sexy dresses, and making her shimmy? Lord have mercy, where do I even begin. Well for every parent who's ever watched the show and muttered darkly to themselves about calling child protective services there's this: A T&T stage mom may actually lose custody of her daughter because of those pagents.

Lindsay Jackson dressed her daughter, Madisyn Verst, in fake boobies and a butt for her Dolly Parton costume. It was so outrageous her ex-husband Bill Verst is suing for full custody of Madisyn -- and he may actually win! A court-appointed child psychologist is recommending Bill be granted full custody. Is that too harsh? Or should this be a wake-up call for pageant parents?


There must be other reasons in addition to the pageants why the court psychologist is recommending Bill take full custody. I'm going to assume here that we don't know the whole story. According to Lindsay he's been an absentee father, but maybe there's a reason why?

Still. Lindsay needs to get out of denial about how toxic these pageants are for her daughter. She's still defending the Dolly Parton costume. "I never intended for it to be a negative costume – it was costume designed to represent our state. Dolly’s from Tennessee, so that’s what I did." Okay, fine. Dolly is an icon. Fair enough. But can you convey the "idea" of Dolly Parton without putting a mature woman's breasts on your daughter? AND the ass? Seriously, the boobs weren't enough? You had to push it farther and do baby's got back?!?

I know Dolly's known for her giant knockers. But most kids are totally, blissfully unaware of that. I still remember the first time I saw Dolly on television. She was the guest star on The Muppet Show. And you know what I thought? "Wow, she sure does have nice, big HAIR." I hadn't even noticed her boobs until I went to school the next day and some of the boys wouldn't shut up about them.

The whole enterprise of navigating the world as a woman and a sexual being is really complicated. We face objectification (you know, when people see as us sexual objects and not as real human beings), discrimination, unwanted sexual advances, to say nothing of learning to walk in high heels and figuring out what your figure flaws are so you can hide them. (Yes, I rolled my eyes when I wrote that.) Why put little girls on that road so early, before they've had time to develop their minds and figure out who the hell they are?

Lindsay needs to stop trying to defend herself, because there is simply no rational defense putting fake boobs on a four-year-old. It's hard to admit when you're wrong, that the way you've been parenting has been harmful. But digging in and obstinately refusing to change will only backfire. This is an opportunity for Lindsay and she's blowing it. I wonder how differently the judge would feel if Lindsay said, "You know what? He's right. I went too far and I know better now." I think by defending her poor choices she's only proving what an unfit mother she is.

Do you think pageants should be a factor in this custody battle?


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