Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again Already Isn't as Crazy as It Sounds (VIDEO)

Jessica SimpsonHere's something that will give you more than a pregnant pause -- word has it that Jessica Simpson might be pregnant again. Already. I know!

She just gave birth to Maxwell Drew in May, and it's only now August. Could it really be true? Sources say yes, and that it's the reason why she hasn't been shedding the baby weight. The sources are coming from Star magazine, which is far from reliable, but the fact is it could easily be true, and it's not as crazy as it sounds.

She was pretty clear that she wasn't about to wait to have sex with hubby Eric Johnson after giving birth -- not even for the recommended six weeks. And it's not like she'd be the first to have babies so close together. Remember Tori Spelling?


Dr. Elizabeth Lyster told the tabloid that such closely spaced pregnancies are more common than you'd think. "Many women come into their six-week postpartum checkup already pregnant, because they assumed they couldn't conceive again so soon."

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Jessica certainly loved being pregnant the first time, saying, "Pregnancy was meant for me. I could be pregnant forever." And she has certainly made it known that she wants more children and lots of them. So if it is true, I'm sure she's thrilled.

While it would be a bit daunting to do it all again so soon, I can see plenty of benefits to having kids so close together. I actually wanted mine as close together as possible because I thought it would be easier that way with them in similar stages. I could just be a zombie for a couple of years and then emerge. 

Infertility had a different plan for me, and my children are five and half years apart, which also has benefits, but that bounce back into babyhood/zombie land hit me hard. It was a big adjustment, and three and half years later, I'm just beginning to feel human again. I wouldn't change it for the world now, of course, but if Jess gets her "Irish Twins" I would be thrilled for her.

Gossip Cop firmly rejects the rumor that Jess is pregnant again, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is. If not now, I bet she will be soon.

Do you think Jessica Simpson could be pregnant again? Would you want to/have you had babies that close together in age?


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