Snooki Wants Pauly D to Help Deliver Her Baby!

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Probably all of Snooki’s Jersey Shore cast mates have seen her choocha. The world would have seen it too if the show was on HBO and not MTV. But seeing those lady bits while dancing at a club fueled by alcohol while in a too short skirt and seeing those lady bits while in labor with a baby’s head crowning in a ring of fire is a very different thing. But Snooki doesn’t care and she not only wants her fiancé Jionni LaValle in the room when their baby boy Lorenzo is born, but she has invited Pauly D to be there, too.

Oh Snooks! Now you’re making me wish I’m able to be there, too. Because with Pauly in the room, it’s guaranteed to be the best and funniest birth ever provided Mr. DelVecchio (his real last name) doesn’t pass out or lose his cool if Snooks happens to poop. It happens. To the best of us.


"I'm gonna be there when the baby's born, she wants me in the room," Pauly D told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. "I'm gonna babysit and teach him how to DJ!"

Don’t you just love his enthusiasm? Spoken like a true honorary uncle, beaming and proud, excited and all gung-ho. Will he change diapers? Rock and cuddle little Lorenzo if he’s crying? What if baby spits up in his hair? Or on one of his favorite t-shirts? Will baby still get to learn to DJ even if he breaks a record?

I have hope for the Jersey Shore cast, I do. Snooki has really grown on me over the years. Her maternal instincts were shining through even after too many vodkas and sloppy drunk Vinny kisses. She was just a girl being filmed doing what many girls do -- making those mistakes that we either get caught up in or learn from. And now she’s going to be a mama, who prays hard that her son holds only the finest qualities that the boys of the Jersey Shore possess. They all have them -- even Ronnie. Okay maybe not The Situation ... yet.

But Pauly, sweet Pauly. He’s perfect to be like a doula for Snooki and Jionni. Maybe we can get him to read Penny Simkin’s The Birth Partner for some pointers. Because he’s going to need to be super supportive, ready for anything, and help keep the parents-to-be calm. Maybe he can make sure her hair looks perfect, her makeup is on, and that she is still wearing her heels for birth. Beware of the stilettos, though! Mamas can get very primal in the delivery room. Maybe he can even spin some records ... be the soundtrack for Lorenzo’s birth. I’d recommend not so much techno. Go with some trance beats.

Some moms don't even want their husbands in the room for birth. I think it's quite adorable Snooks wants both Jionni and Pauly D. Now that's a support team to birth a baby! That's family! Happy birth to all of them!

What do you think of Snooki having Pauly D in the delivery room? Did you or would you have anyone else there with you besides your partner?


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