Vanessa Lachey Rocks Maxi Dress With Her Maxi Belly

Vanessa LacheyVanessa Lachey's pregnancy has been one of the most joyous to follow. She's gorgeous, so incredibly happy, fantastically stylish, and her huge baby bump is just adorable. What's not to love? This weekend, during her last scheduled trip before the baby is born, she went out with a big colorful bang in a maxi dress.

She was snapped in the dress while attending a charity event for Edy's Slow Churned Light Ice Cream to raise money for Operation Smile with their A Reason to Smile campaign. There was ice cream aplenty, and she looked like a big, bright, sprinkle of pregnant sunshine as she chowed down on mint chocolate chip ice cream.


At first glance, this dress could be a clown suit waiting to happen. The pattern and colors are so intense that the addition of a big pregnant belly could go all sorts of wrong, but somehow it's just right. It's such a happy dress, and it's hard not smile when looking at pictures of her in it.

Maxi dresses in general are a good choice for pregnant women, especially in the latter months of pregnancy. They offer all of the ease and comfort of a dress without all the annoyance of having to keep your legs together and perform gymnastics to avoid crotch shots when maneuvering in and out of vehicles and chairs.

Solid colors are great for the less daring, but Lachey shows that if you like bold and bright patterns, you should go for them. The ice cream too.

What do you think of Vanessa Lachey's printed maxi dress? Do you think maxi dresses are a good choice for pregnant women?


Image via Splash

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