Snooki Plans to Wear Heels & Makeup During Delivery (For Real)

Snooki & JionniThe more Snooki talks about being pregnant, the more excited I get for her to have this baby -- because the stuff that will likely come out of her mouth after experiencing life with a newborn is going to be beyond priceless. Of course, we also have her labor and delivery commentary to look forward to, and I'm guessing we're in for some real doozies referencing contractions, pushing, and of course, possibly pooping on the table.

But no matter what goes down during her delivery, she's going to be dressed for the part, because Snooki plans on giving birth in heels while wearing makeup and false eyelashes. (Go ahead and laugh, it's ok.)


Ahhh! Is she in for a rude awakening or what?! First of all, makeup seriously has no place in the delivery room. After hours upon hours of enduring God-awful pain followed by pushing with all of your might to pass a human head out of your body, a girl tends to break a bit of a sweat to say the least. And as we all know, sweat and makeup aren't exactly the best combination.

And as for the false eyelashes? All I can say is who has time to glue something to their eyelids in the middle of labor? It'll be much harder for her to scrunch up her face to squint while pushing if she's wearing her falsies.

And if she has one shred of common sense left about what really goes on while giving birth, Snooki will leave the heels at home and opt for those super-sexy socks they give you at the hospital with the treds on the bottom. The last thing she needs is to accidentally kick one of her feet at the wrong time and wind up poking her doctor in the eye or impaling an innocent nurse.

Are you planning on getting glammed up for your delivery?


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