6 Smokin' Hot Celeb Dads & Their Babies (PHOTOS)

6 Smokin' Hot Celeb Dads & Their Babies (PHOTOS)

chris hemsworthThe following sentence is so g.d. girly it may as well be punctuated with a scrunchie, but it's true: Dudes look hot when they're holding a baby. Everybody says it when you're pregnant -- there's nothing like seeing your partner with your baby -- and, wow, are they not lying. There are few things sexier in life than seeing a father -- especially one of these fathers -- dote on his child. Here are 6 smokin' hot celebrity dads and their adorable children.

Chris Hemsworth. I mean ... look at that hold. I never felt any attraction to the Thor star whatsoever until I saw this photo. A newborn suits him well.

  • David Beckham


    Honestly, this photo needs no description. Just drink it in.

  • Orlando Bloom


    Orlando Bloom, his adorable son, and an Ergo? Works for us.

  • Brad Pitt


    You didn't think there'd be a hot dad slideshow without Brad Pitt in it, did you? I don't even know which kid this is, but Brad sure looks sexy holding him!

  • Dwyane Wade


    I'm really not one for basketball, but this picture of Dwyane Wade and his son are enough to start watching.

  • Matthew McConaughey


    Oh, hey, here's a picture of Matthew McConaughey on the set of The Lincoln Lawyer with his daughter, Vida, when she was first born. Yes, please!

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