Giuliana Rancic Takes Parenting Advice From Kris Jenner

kris jennerIf the Courtney Stodden reality show wasn't enough to make you question whether or not our nation is heading in the right direction, here's another. Giuliana Rancic is taking parenting advice from Kris Jenner. The E! host is expecting a baby via gestational surrogate in September and told Us Weekly that Kris sends her paragraphs-long emails describing how important it is to raise your kids with a desire to be famous via any route necessary, lest they grow up to be boring, regular people whose souls aren't inextricably attached to a cable channel. Er, something to that effect. 


I don't think Kris would win any parent of the year awards, is all, and is in no position to give advice. When you've been accused of being a part of your daughter's fake wedding, of trying to monetize your granddaughter, and of getting wine-drunk every night, it's easy to see why some people would be reluctant to take Kris' tips on motherhood.

I mean, if Giuliana is looking to slap her kid on a reality show and make oodles upon bajoodles of money off their name and likeness, then sure! Call up Kris. Swap production team members' names and talk stage makeup. But if you wanna raise your child without network execs' and Ryan Seacrest's input, then maybe Kris isn't your go-to gal.

Aside from my belief that getting parenting tips from KJ is the worst idea since Ray J fired up his video camera, it sounds like Kris is sending G some pretty thoughtful baby gifts. She got baby Rancic some Ralph Lauren clothes, some Olympic polos, and his very own set of baby golf clubs. All so he's camera-ready, I'm sure.

Not that she's ever done that before. Never.

Would you take parenting advice from Kris Jenner?


Photo via Splash News

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