'SNL' Star Bill Hader Gets In on World's Cutest Baby-Naming Trend

alphabetSaturday Night Live star Bill Hader (AKA Stefon, AKA Herb Welch) and his wife Maggie Carey welcomed their second daughter into the world this past weekend. The name they chose for their newest bundle o' joy is darling. So darling, in fact, that another celebrity named their daughter the very same thing not that long ago.

But the cutest thing of all is how the newest Hader's name goes with her sister's. It seems to be kind of a trend. And a completely adorable one at that.


Bill and Maggie chose the name Harper for their newest addition (as in Harper Beckham). The name not only goes perfectly with their last name -- Harper Hader (yay, alliteration!) -- it goes perfectly with their eldest daughter's name, Hannah. Hannah and Harper Hader. Adorable!

I'm a huge fan of naming your kids -- be they two daughters, two sons, a daughter and a son -- names that start with the same letter. And if that letter also happens to be the one that starts your last name, even better. Perhaps it's partly thanks to the Kardashians, but I think it's super cute.

My husband and I have already talked about, if we have another baby, trying to give him or her a name that starts with the same letter as our daughter's name. And, bonus, it makes the whole naming process that much easier!

Do your kids' names start with the same letter?


Image via joyosity/Flickr

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