Rupert Sanders Screwed Up More as a Dad Than a Husband (VIDEO)

kristen & rupertIf there were a general code of conduct for cheaters, at the top of that list should be, "Don't bring your skank around your kids." That's certainly advice Rupert Sanders could have used during his affair with Kristen Stewart.

According to Radaronline, the cheating director allowed his 22-year-old mistress to spend quality time with his two children before news of the betrayal broke. That's like throwing salt on poor wife Liberty Ross' wounds, but clearly the bigger victims of this whole sordid mess are those kids.


Stewart was clearly close to the kids. During publicity events, she was seen treating Sanders' 8-year-old daughter to ice cream and they seemed to have a great rapport. "At that time no one suspected anything was up -- there was no reason to -- but looking back at it now, it seems pretty suspicious," a source shared.

That's beyond inappropriate. Regardless of whether you think it is immoral or not, it's their choice to have an affair. They are consenting adults. But it's quite another thing for Sanders to allow Stewart to buddy up to his kids. There is no way to hide the fallout from an affair from children these days -- they will learn the details from the news, Internet, or other kids gossiping at camp or school.

Once they do find out, they will feel betrayed too. Here they are, probably over-the-moon about hanging with a big star. She is Bella from Twilight for Pete's sake. Later, to learn that this is the person who may have had a part in destroying their family will be absolutely devastating.

I doubt his children's feelings were at the top of Sanders' mind during that tryst, but it should have been. Given how famous Stewart is and the fact that they were affectionate in public places, this was bound to get out. It’s just cruel and irresponsible parenting.

See more on the after effects of the affair here:

Do you think Rupert Sanders' kids will feel just as betrayed as their mom?


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