Michael Jackson Couldn't Shield His Kids From Pain & Neither Can We (VIDEO)

jackson kidsJust two years after Michael Jackson died, suddenly his three children are caught in the center of a tumultuous family drama. Michael's will left his three children in the custody of his mother, Katherine, and made them the sole heirs of his estate. But some of Michael's siblings have claimed that the will is fraudulent -- and are going through desperate lengths to wrest control.

Now Paris, Prince, and Blanket are caught in a tug-of-war with Michael's siblings. And through Paris' Twitter stream we get tiny glimpses of the kids' struggle. If Michael could read that stream, it would break his heart wide open. After trying so hard to keep his kids out of the public spotlight, after trying to give them the protected childhood he never had, his own kids are suffering public scrutiny and scandal just like he did.

And there's not a damn thing he can do about it now.


Katherine went missing for several days, apparently without the children knowing exactly why or where she was. Paris hinted that she thought Katherine was being held against her will. Katherine has since said she was staying with a daughter in Arizona.

According to TMZ Janet, Randy, and Jermaine entered Katherine and the children's Calabasas home uninvited Monday afternoon and tried to get them to come with them to Arizona -- without their cellphones. The kids resisted. Some of the altercation was recorded and Janet supposedly grabbed at Paris' cellphone and called her a "spoiled little bitch." Trent Jackson (Tito's son) was also at the house and defended the kids against their aunt and uncles.

A judge has since temporarily placed the Jackson children in the custody of Trent -- not because Katherine is being accused of any wrongdoing, but because her custody is being disputed by three parties (guess who ...). Katherine arrived back in Los Angeles this morning.

Yesterday Paris is quoted lyrics by her dead father. It's one of his most plaintive laments: "Everyone's taking control of me, it seems the worlds got a role for me... im so confused will u show to me you'll be there for me." However strange and mentally ill Michael seemed in life, he did seem to be desperately doing everything he could to protect his three children's' privacy and childhood. But no one has full control over their children's lives. And you can't ever protect them completely from the pain and conflicts of life.

What do you think should happen with the children and Michael Jackson's estate?


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