Suri Doesn't Want to Live With Mom Katie Holmes Anymore (VIDEO)

Star mag coverWith any divorce, the biggest question -- next to how much will she get -- is who gets custody of the kids.

Luckily, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise seemed to have resolved that burning question rather quickly. Mom will reportedly get primary custody, while dad gets visitation rights. Well, according to Star, the issue might not be so cut and dried for Suri. If the tabloid is to be believed, the 6-year-old has a preference for where she lives -- and it's not with her mom!


That is certainly devastating for any mom to hear -- regardless of fame. The article goes on to claim that even when Katie was whisking Suri away from Tom -- and presumably the clutches of Scientology -- the little girl protested. A source said that when father and daughter were finally reunited in New York City last week, Suri sobbed, "I want to live with daddy!"

Star also reported that Tom won the tot over during his visit by lavishing her with a getaway and gifts totaling more than $170,000. Suri had so much fun, she didn't want to return to Katie. Sadly, that is a very familiar tactic in divorces, isn't it? What child wouldn't want to bunk with the more fun parent, especially one that could buy you anything and everything your heart desires. Of course Suri is too young to know what is best for her. Fortunately for Katie, that custody agreement is already in place and Suri is back home with her mom.

Do you think Suri should have a say in where she lives?

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