Giuliana Rancic's Husband Totally Disses Woman Carrying His Baby

Giuliana RancicGiuliana and Bill Rancic are a couple most people love. We have seen them get married, go through infertility and cancer treatment, and finally come out on top. The two are expecting a baby via surrogate very soon. But even beloved celebrities can step in it sometimes and Bill did just that with his comments about the woman carrying their child.

Before an audience of 600 people, Bill joked that his biggest worry was the surrogate smoking crack. Sure, honesty and humor are valuable in parenting, but it's also a terribly disrespectful thing to say about the woman who is giving up her time, her freedom, and HER BODY so that you can become a father.

I love Bill and Giuliana, but this is just awful. See the full comments below:


Giuliana was more concerned about the surrogate eating fried chicken. I'm not worried about her eating fried chicken -- I'm worried about her smoking crack.

Look, it's clear he was joking and that's fine to make jokes. I am sure it IS hard to trust someone else to carry your child. But the reality is, surrogacy is no small task. Even if they are paying her (and I am assuming they are), she isn't quite the same kind of service provider as a cleaning person or a cook.

This is the person who is carrying your offspring in HER body and you're questioning her moral character? Even in jest, it's impolite at best. At worst it's disrespectful and cruel.

I am not the only one who thinks so, either. This discussion is heating up all over the Internet and with good reason.

There are already enough bad rumors about surrogates and it's a part of child rearing people don't know a lot about anyway. Spreading rumors and making surrogates look bad does not really help the cause.

Besides, this woman is giving up her body so the Rancics can be parents. There is no amount of money that makes that an even exchange. The gift she is giving ought to be respected. The idea that a person -- especially a man -- could find that joke funny is truly offensive.

Hopefully Giuliana and Bill will realize how out of line that joke was and be grateful for the gift they are receiving. She is doing something for them that few would. That deserves enormous respect.

Do you think the comments were out of line?


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