Snooki Is Going to Regret Giving Birth on Camera

SnookiI guess this really won't come as a huge surprise to any loyal Jersey Shore fans out there -- Snooki is planning on having the birth of her baby caught on film. Yes, there will be a video camera present in the delivery room to make sure Snooki and Jionni can relive the birth of their son, Lorenzo, over and over again for many years to come.

But thankfully, the rest of the world can have their eyes spared from seeing Snooki push out a human head, because she's not planning on letting any of the footage air on TV. (Whew!) She has two main reasons for filming the birth -- so she can remember the moment, and so she can embarrass Lorenzo when he's 16 years old by playing it in front of his friends. (Eww. Poor kid!)


I know she's just being sentimental and wants to make sure that she never forgets the moment her son came into the world, but something tells me Snooki is seriously going to regret letting a camera get so up close and personal during her labor & delivery.

Maybe I'm a bit squeamish or overly modest -- but I just can't understand why anyone would want a video camera aimed directly on their hoo-hoo like that. It's already mortifying enough having a room full of strangers completely focused on your va-jay-jay, so why on earth would you want to let anyone else witness that moment at a later date?

But while there is no way in hell I would've let the camcorder anywhere near me while I was giving birth to my son -- we did bust it out and film a little bit of footage immediately afterwards. There are shots of him screaming his head off while being weighed, and then my husband did manage to capture a little bit of me holding him for the first time, which was pretty amazing. I still get teary-eyed every time I watch that "first meeting."

And even though the actual birth wasn't recorded, I still remember each and every single moment of it, and I can play it over and over again in my head any time I want to. Snooki will be surprised at just how much she remembers -- and I highly doubt she'll miss reliving the entire ordeal via video. Besides, this is Snooki we're talking about, and there's a good chance that tape would get into the wrong hands. Why take the risk?

Are you planning on filming your birth? Why or why not?


Image via university.unions/Flickr

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