5 Reasons Tom Cruise Is a Really Cool Dad

tom and suriTom Cruise has gotten a lot of flack in the last few weeks. After Katie Holmes shocked the world with her divorce announcement, everyone pounced on poor Tom.

Among the most memorable headlines: "Scientologists Think Tom Cruise Has Telekinetic, Telepathic Powers," "Suri Could Be Brainwashed Against Mom Katie Holmes," and -- my fave -- "New Divorce Details Make Tom Cruise Look Like Christian Grey."

I say, let's give the guy a break. When it comes to marriage, he's 0 for 3 and that's gotta sting more than a little bit. Besides, there is plenty to like about the guy. His wackadoo religious beliefs aside, he seems like a really good parent to his kids. Want proof?

Check out these 5 reasons Suri should be proud to call Tom her pop.

  1. He's willing to move anywhere to be near his kid. He gave up primary custody in the divorce settlement, but Tom is still determined to be a part of Suri's life on a regular basis. So when Katie opted to relocate to NYC, Tom followed. The Mission Impossible star is looking for apartments in the Big Apple too
  2. He isn't afraid to express his love. People poked fun at him for that infamous couch jumping stunt on Oprah, but words just wouldn't do. He often gushes about Connor and Isabella, who he got custody of after his divorce from Nicole Kidman. He clearly is psyched about being a dad. I have no doubt Suri will always know just how much her daddy adores her too.
  3. He doesn't bash her mom in the press. A lot of high profile splits get nasty very quickly. Not this one. Tom has remained mum this entire time. He didn't even complain about Katie sneaking away with Suri or blindsiding him by filing for divorce. Clearly his focus is moving forward and doing what's best for Suri.
  4. He's super-fit. Having a buff dad doesn't just mean your friends' mommies will drool over him. He can actually keep up with every single thing a kid throws at him. An afternoon of tag, hide-n-seek, and flying kites is nothing for a dude who leaps from buildings during his day job.
  5. He sticks to his convictions. As crazy pants as Scientology sounds to us (i.e. they believe in an alien, galactic ruler named Xenu), Tom clearly feels as though it betters his life. He is mercilessly made fun of and may have even lost Katie because of it, but he won't abandon his beliefs. You have to respect him for not buckling under that pressure.

What do you think of Tom Cruise as a parent? Has he been unfairly portrayed since the split?


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