Adele Is Flipping Crazy to Give Up Swearing (VIDEO)

AdeleAdele's pregnancy came as such a huge surprise, but I think it's safe to say everyone is pretty excited to see whether or not her baby inherits his or her famous mama's incredible set of pipes.

But while I'm sure she'll be thrilled if her little one winds up being able to belt it out in grand fashion just like she does -- the singer is fairly worried about her baby picking up one of her bad habits. And that's why in preparation for the arrival of her baby in September, Adele has vowed to give up swearing altogether.


And all I can say is, what the fu&% is she thinking? Doesn't she realize that this is one of the last times in her life when she doesn't have to worry about dropping f-bombs without her child imitating her?

Supposedly she thinks that her unborn baby is going to hear her muttering curse words under her breath and somehow pick them up in utero, and come out in the delivery room swearing like a sailor or something like that. But the truth is that the sounds a baby hears in the womb are honestly nothing more than muffled noises, so she ought to just go ahead and let loose and say whatever the hell she wants while she still can.

Because after that baby arrives, everything kind of goes in the crapper as far as being able to innocently swear goes. Yeah, yeah -- the first year really isn't all that big of deal as far as letting an occasional bad word slip out. But after her little one gets talking? That's when she's going to have to really be conscious of what she says -- because toddlers can't resist blurting out something they heard their mom say at the most inopportune time.

(Go ahead -- ask me about the time my son piped up from the back seat at around 2 1/2 years old and said, "Why is (so-and-so) a bitch, Mommy?" I dare you.)

There will be plenty of things Adele will be forced to give up after having this baby, so for the time being, she really ought to just relax and enjoy pregnancy, and all of the unexpected perks that go along with it. And if she spits out a dirty word here and there? Nobody's going to give a rat's ass.

Check out this video clip to see what else Adele is doing to get ready for the birth of her baby.

Have you stopped swearing since you became pregnant?


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