Katie Holmes Makes Suri Start Dressing Like 'Poor' Kids

Katie Holmes Suri CruiseOh thank goodness! Poor Suri Cruise has been through the wringer over the past few weeks, but we finally have some good news. Mom Katie Holmes has reportedly put the kibosh on all those designer clothes.

According to a "source," we won't be seeing Katie in high heels or lipstick any time soon. Along with her new Catholic school, the 6-year-old daughter of Katie and ex-husband Tom Cruise will have a uniform when she's in school, and "normal kid" clothes when she's out and about.

Let me just say it: it's about time!


My daughter is a year older than Suri, and if given the chance, would probably be dressed to the nines too. She is a budding fashionista who has decided she wants to be a model when she grows up (a decision we are hoping is just the passing whim of a 7-year-old ... pretty please). But she's just a kid, and I want her to feel like one. I want her to play hard!

There are all sorts of problems that come with dressing your kids in fancy clothes that most of us poor folks have to deal with -- the strain on the wallet, the way they separate a kid from friends who still wear Old Navy and Target (oh, excuse me, it's Tar-jay when you clothes shop). Tom and Katie are luckier than the rest of us in the sense that they don't have to worry about money.

But even rich celebrity parents can't escape the biggest issue with putting Suri in designer duds. It's the way they make kids feel. They feel like they have to take care of those clothes, they get nervous about going out and getting dirty. 

But getting dirty is what being a kid is all about. Kids are supposed to jump in puddles, just for the sake of splashing water about. They're supposed to take off their shoes and stick their toes in mud, just to feel it squish. They're supposed to roll down grassy hills, and climb trees.

Nice clothes for school or special occasions are one thing. But kids need time to just be kids too, and not care about ruining a nice dress.

If Katie really wants Suri to enjoy a "normal" childhood, taking away her high heels and the lavish gifts from couture houses could be the best way to get started. Here's hoping the rumors that she's been returning all the clothes sent for Suri since they moved to New York are for real. 

How much will you spend on clothes for your kids? What's your "nice" clothes policy?


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