Jennifer Garner Looks Like She Just Had a Baby -- Hooray! (VIDEO)

Jennifer GarnerJust when I thought I couldn't possibly love her any more, new photos of Jennifer Garner wearing a one-piece bathing suit while swimming in the ocean in Puerto Rico have me wanting to sing her praises and shout her awesomeness from the rooftops.

Jennifer just gave birth to her third child, son Samuel, five months ago, and unlike other celebrity moms who are in a race with themselves to see how fast they can regain their pre-pregnancy figure, Jennifer seems to be going at a normal pace with getting her pre-baby body back. Yes, I said NORMAL. Because normal, average, everyday moms don't prance around the beach in a string bikini just a few months after giving birth -- and apparently neither does Jennifer. Can I get a huge Amen for a celeb mom who we can actually identify with?


Don't get me wrong, she still looks slim and toned and just as gorgeous as she always does. But it's just so refreshing to see her looking like a regular mom of three instead of another A-lister who spends more time in the gym trying to sweat off pregnancy pounds than is spent caring for her baby.

Jennifer obviously has her priorities in line, and pregnant women should use her as an example of how postpartum weight loss is supposed to go after having a baby. It doesn't happen overnight, and no woman should be expected to squeeze into her skinny jeans mere weeks after giving birth. And as for the whole bathing suit thing -- whoever said wearing a one-piece can't be sexy? And besides, babies tend to tug at bikini tops anyway, so going for a little more coverage is the smart thing to do.

It's too bad more celebrity moms don't have Jennifer's attitude about what is most important after a little one arrives. If they did, there would be a whole lot less hungry mamas running around Hollywood -- not to mention fewer "regular" moms sitting at home crying on the couch because they haven't lost all of their weight yet.

To see more of Jennifer's "normal" post-baby body, check out this video clip.

Are you putting a lot of pressure on yourself to shed your pregnancy weight quickly?


Image via 5minmedia

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