Paparazzi Need to Lay Off Suri Cruise

Black SUV speeding off

What the hell paparazzi? Okay, so we all know that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise just divorced at lightning speed but that doesn’t mean they want paparazzi chasing their sweet little girl, Suri, around the Big Apple at lightning speed. Hello? Have we learned nothing from what happened to Princess Di? I really don’t want to hear about Suri Cruise and her daddy, Tom Cruise, wrapping their car around a pole because psycho stalkarazzi won’t allow them a moment’s peace.

Reportedly, after being reunited for the first time since the divorce, the daddy and daughter duo were leaving their hotel. Suri and Tom took a black SUV, like all celebrities do, to a heliport and were chased the entire way by photographers. Reports say the chase was at speeds of 55-65 mph on the West Side Highway, where the speed limit is only 25 mph.


That is reckless driving people. We regular people get tickets for that. Anything 25 miles per hour over the speed limit can land your speeding ass in jail for reckless driving. Where were the NYPD when this was taking place? Or have we just decided not to bother to go in pursuit of paparazzi chasing black SUVs? Aren’t celebrities entitled to the same safety and privacy as the rest of us?

I’m pissed for Tom and Suri Cruise. This family is falling apart in public and the last thing they need is to have their little bit of daddy/daughter time together invaded.

As a parent, I am assuming all Tom wanted to do was hug his little girl, let her know that he loves her, and it’s all going to be all right. I’m sure his plans didn’t include a high-speed chase through NYC. Nothing like making an already vulnerable child feel completely threatened and fear for her safety.

Hey Katie, Mrs. Cruise Holmes, whatever you call yourself these days, for the love of your child, go take a long quiet vacation in a quaint Midwestern town. Suri needs her parents to put her safety and childhood above their celebrity and spectacle. This child needs to feel like she’s safe and to know what it’s like to be herself outside of the watchful eye of the media. She’s only going to be little once.

Is it going to take the paparazzi causing an accident that kills a child for the world to finally take their questionable antics seriously? Paparazzi should be barred from photographing children without expressed consent from their parents.

Can we live with the Suri Cruises of the world being collateral damage to high-speed chases to catch a glimpse of their celebrity parents?

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