Pooping During Labor: Snooki Asks Kelly Ripa What Every Mom Wants to Know (VIDEO)

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It's no secret that she completely lacks any sort of a filter (my kinda girl), and that's why it really shouldn't come as a huge shock that Snooki came right out and asked Kelly Ripa whether she pooped on the table while delivering her babies. (Oh yes, she went there!)

She appeared on Live! With Kelly this past Tuesday, and while sitting on the stage with JWoww, Kelly, and Josh Groban, Snooki looked right at Ripa and said, "Did you poop?"


Kelly's answer was, of course, priceless, as she said, "No, I have never pooped ever." (Um, sure Kelly.)

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National television may not have been the most appropriate place for Snooki to talk about crapping yourself while trying to push out your baby, but I'm willing to bet that pretty much every woman who has ever been about to give birth has wondered the very same thing. I sure did.

I can remember being terrified of pooping on the table during my son's delivery, and if I recall, I think I even asked my doctor about it. She of course said it was perfectly natural and not to worry if it did happen, but I was still mortified by the thought.

For the record, I managed to make it through my delivery poop-free; however, I did pass an embarrassingly insane amount of very loud gas immediately after receiving my epidural from the most gorgeous hunk of an anesthesiologist ever. (I still turn red every time I think about it.) And while I'm sure he and the nurses thought nothing of it, I'm pretty sure I was scarred for life in that moment.

You can see Snooki put Kelly on the spot in this video clip. I have to admit, I'm kinda surprised that Kelly didn't laugh the whole thing off and have a little more fun with her answer. (I sure would have!)


Are you worried about pooping on the table?


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