Uma Thurman Takes Baby Out Day After Giving Birth & Makes Us Feel Like Wimps (VIDEO)

uma thurmanCongratulations, Uma Thurman! The 42-year-old star gave birth to an as-yet-unnamed healthy baby girl on Sunday, her first child with finance-dude boyfriend Arpad Busson and third child overall (Thurman has two children with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, Maya, 13, and Levon, 10). Anyway, yay! Congrats again, Uma!

And congrats, too, on getting right back into the swing of things (literally) overnight: Thurman was photographed with her newborn daughter at a café just one day after giving birth. How's that for bouncing back! Now, inevitably, Thurman's public appearance avec enfant is raising a few eyebrows -- because, you know, the baby is so tiny and at a café?! What about all those germs? What if somebody spilled a steaming hot espresso on the baby's head?


Thurman and her baby should still be sealed up in a plastic bubble somewhere, safe from all possible contagions!

Relax, people, relax!!! There's no need to panic about Uma Thurman's "reckless" café-going ways. Here's why ...

First of all, Thurman didn't take her baby to some bustling urban bistro. She took the baby to a little spot in Woodstock, upstate New York, someplace she reportedly frequents regularly for their cold-pressed juices. So, no steaming espresso, no crowds, no high concentration of airborne diseases.

Plus, like I said before, this is Thurman's third baby. I only have two kids myself, but knowing how much calmer I was with my second than my first, I can only assume that by the time you get to your third, you're not quite the same bundle of Oh my god, somebody's gonna breathe on the baby and break her!! nerves. And we all know a chilled-out mom equals a chilled-out baby equals a chilled-out family and so on.

Big deal, she took the kid out for a cold-pressed juice. And probably went right home to take a long nap.

Do you think it's a big deal that Uma Thurman took her one-day-old baby out to a café?

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