Kim Zolciak's Condition Is No Fun at All for the Real Housewives

kim zolciakLast week the ladies descended upon the tropical paradise of Anguilla to film season Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. There they no doubt enjoyed a few blessed days of back-stabbing, stuff-starting, and name-calling on those beautiful white sands next to crystal blue waters. Now doesn't that sound like paradise? Why on earth didn't Kim Zolciak join them in Anguilla?

Well it turns out Kim had a very good excuse for missing out on the Housewives' exciting funcation. And she had a doctor's note to excuse her, too.


It's her pregnancy, of course! I was going to go with Nene Leakes, but nope. Kim's in the last stretch of pregnancy with her fourth child and her doctor says it would be "too stressful" to travel. Whaaaat? Since when is hanging out in paradise with the Real Housewives stressful?

Haha. I jest. Good call, doctor.

It's kind of a bummer when your traveling days end because of your pregnancy. You know how certain airlines won't even let you fly if you're past seven or eight months? I'm sure the Housewives fly a private jet and could make an exception for Kim. But why risk it?

And sure, it would be AWESOME if the constant bickering over there caused Kim to go into labor early and deliver in Anguilla... Wait, what am I saying?!? That's just sick! You do not sacrifice your health and the health of your unborn child just for ratings. Right, ladies? Heh, right.

Anyway, Kim was perfectly happy to stay at home, as clearly evidenced by this contented tweet she sent out: “Hubby made amazing turkey chili tonight. I’m so spoiled. Now it’s cuddle time!” Yep, turkey chili. That sounds way better than Anguilla.`

What kinds of fun did you miss out on during your last trimester of pregnancy?


Image via Bravo

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