Uma Thurman 'Gets Funky' With Baby Name

Uma Thurman

Congratulations to new parents Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson who just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family. The baby was born on Sunday, July 15 (she's a cancer for all you astrology fans) and will be little sis to Maya, 14, and Levon, 10 (Uma's kids with Ethan Hawke), as well as Flynn, 14, and Cy, 9 (Arpad's kids with Elle Macpherson).

Everyone wants to know what name Uma and Arpad have given their little bundle of joy. Especially since celebrities tend to come up with some doozies.


Of course Uma has gone a pretty traditional route with Maya and Levon. Unlike Ethan Hawke, who left Uma for the nanny with the less capable naming skills, and now has two more children, named Clementine and Indiana. I live in Indiana and I would NEVER name my kid after this state. Is Indiana’s first name Gary? And is Clementine’s first name Oh.My.Darling?

But I digress.

Maybe Uma wants to be more unique this time around and get a little funky with it; after all, her baby daddy’s name is Arpad. I have some suggestions for her to consider.

Tarantina: We all loved Uma as the bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. It’s one of her most memorable roles, so why not name her baby girl after the man who kicked her career up a notch.

Heroina: Who doesn’t remember Uma doing the twist with John Travolta at Jack Rabbit Slims and then overdosing on heroine? Her character was quirky and fun, who wouldn’t want that in a child?

Ivy: Any broad who will go all eco-terrorist on your ass and seduce you to your death for harming the planet is one cool and tough chick in my book.

Chicago: Because anyone from the area knows that Chicago kicks Indiana’s ass every time. Take that Ethan Hawke and your skanky husband-stealing nanny wife.

Dalai: The Dalai Lama was an occasional dinner guest at the Thurman dinner table when she was a child. I think explaining the little girl's name alone would give her cool points.

Of course, Uma will probably name her baby girl something normal like Emma or Ava instead of Uvula or Centrifica and that’s okay too because any daughter of Uma Thurman is going to be unique no matter what moniker she gives her. Hopefully, Uma doesn’t go all celebrity crazy and name her baby Pear or Velveeta or something of the like but you never can tell with these celebrities.

What would you suggest Uma name her beautiful baby girl?

Image via ChicagoFabulousblog/Flickr

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