'True Blood' Cast Will Now Have Two Sets of Supernatural Twins!

anna paquin stephen moyerThe first set of twins to arrive to the cast of True Blood belong to Sam Trammell and his lady Missy Yager. The man who plays a shifter and his wife have twin boys named Winston and Gus who will celebrate their first birthday on August 9. Great names! And now fairy Sookie and vampire Bill are having twins, too! Well Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are. We knew they were expecting, but twins! This is huge news.

Moyer is already a dad to two kids -- Lilac, 10, and Billy, 12 -- from a previous relationship (two more great names!), and now he has two more on the way, due in the fall. No word on if they are having girls, boys, or boy/girl. Doesn’t matter of course -- twins are magical no matter what. And I’m speaking from experience being a twin mom myself. Apparently Sam is giving Anna and Stephen tons of advice but I have one thing I've got to share with them.


When people ask if the twins were conceived naturally, tell them it was “supernatural.” Twin parents know what I’m talking about here. It’s so incredibly intrusive when very often strangers essentially ask if you had sex with your husband to make a baby, or in this case babies. And these two who play Sookie and Bill can easily say their twins were supernatural so curious minds can instead focus on the fact twins are coming! No matter how they came to be.

When people ask me if my twins were natural, I like to say, Yes! I had awesome sex with my husband and got pregnant! People usually stop asking questions then.

I would also think that Paquin, who came out as bisexual in 2010, would have no problem sharing intimate details of her private life and be outspoken about her twin pregnancy. But so far she’s stayed quiet. Sam reportedly spilled the news about two babies in her belly. Enjoy every moment of pregnancy, Anna! It's such a beautiful time in a woman's life.

Twins are so much fun -- I feel lucky to be a twin mama. And I’m sure Paquin will, too. I bet she and Moyer will give them awesome names as well. She really is a lucky woman. She gets to smooch Eric played by the Nordic God Alexander Skarsgard, Alcide played by the oh so manly Joe Manganiello, and naturally the broodingly handsome Bill who she married and helped make a twin-dad-to-be. 

Congrats! Congrats!

What twin advice would you give Anna and Bill?

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