'Teen Mom' Maci Gets Tough With Son Bentley -- Good for Her! (VIDEO)

bentley teen mom preschoolAww, didn't you feel for Maci Bookout when she dropped off Bentley for visit as his new preschool? I wasn't at all surprised to see the little 3-year-old burst into tears the moment she left. And I could totally relate when Maci said, "Oh no, this is a terrible idea!" I remember having that feeling when I dropped my son off at preschool for the first time.

I was used to feeling like something was wrong every time I heard my son cry -- even when what I was doing was absolutely the right thing to do. It just triggers that "FIX IT NOW MOMMY" alarm in me. It's so hard to ignore that! But not only is leaving Bently at preschool good for the little guy, it's also good for Maci.


Bently is going to be just fine. In fact, he's going to be great. He's not just learning his numbers and Spanish -- that's just preschool icing on the cake. He's learning all sorts of important, complex skills like listening, socializing, following directions, dealing with change -- all essential skills for kids his age, and actually kind of difficult to teach your child if he's home with you all day (unless you're super-organized and can do your own cooperative preschool with friends).

Just wait until kindergarten -- Maci will run off with the other kids without so much as a "goodbye!" I remember that scene with my son, too.

But Maci needs to learn how to detach from Bentley and allow him some independence from her, too. Preschool is great for moms for this very reason. Your child is going to spend the next several years learning from other people -- and you're going to start spending more time alone with your thoughts! I think once she gets used to that she'll love it. This is exactly what she needs now that she's starting college. I'm glad Maci sees the value in preschool -- I just wish Ryan did, too. But it looks like Kyle is supportive, at least.



Did your child have a hard time saying goodbye on that first day of preschool or was it an easy transition?


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