Tom Cruise Reunites With Suri & Finds Out Who's In Charge

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This morning Tom Cruise got to hold his daughter Suri for the first time since Katie Holmes filed for divorce. He flew overnight from Los Angeles on break from filming Oblivion and plans to spend the next several days with his daughter. The last time the daddy-daughter duo were seen together was on June 16 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Photos of Tom and Suri show him carrying her in the manner to which she is accustomed (totally understandable given the constant paparazzi). But something still feels different in these photos. We're not seeing Tom Cruise, totally in charge Daddy-King. He's there by the mercy of Katie Holmes and the court settlement.


After everything we've heard about how controlling Tom and his religion can be (and it's ALL gossip and speculation, by the way), it's odd to see him in this position. It looks like Katie has a lot more control now. Suri lives with her, and she's chosen what school Suri will attend. Tom may have some say, who knows -- but he has to accept Katie's decisions.

But what's Tom's role, now? It's not the first time he's divorced and juggled parenting with an ex, of course. His children with Nicole Kidman eventually chose to live with him, so it sounds like they thought he was a pretty good dad. A source tells US Weekly, "Katie wants to make sure the visits are in the context of him being a parent figure." But it's going to be a lot harder for him to get quality time with his daughter now.

For a split second, looking at this photo of Tom and Suri, I almost felt sorry for Tom. But then I remembered all the money, power, and PR standing behind the guy and I thought, meh. More power to Katie! Still, I'm happy they've been reunited for a few days. Hopefully whatever arrangement they have will allow Suri to have a healthy relationship with her father. But beyond that I think this power shift between Katie and Tom will ultimately be better for Suri.

Do you think Tom will see less of Suri after the divorce?
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