Lindsay Lohan Is Expecting ... a New Sibling! (VIDEO)

michael lohan kate majorUm, Lindsay Lohan is going to be a big sister! Again! Yes, estranged dad Michael Lohan and his ex-ex-girlfriend Kate Major are expecting their first child together. Seems like so far everybody's having pretty much the same reaction to the news, which is, well, kind of not all that enthusiastic.

Now, because I am human, I had a similar knee-jerk OMG, you can't be serious kind of thing happen when I first heard about the little bundle-to-be.

(Did I mention Kate Major also dated Jon Gosselin? And that until recently she had a restraining order against Lohan?)

But then, almost instantly, I felt really really bad for internally groaning about the impending birth of an innocent baby. Sheesh! How unfair is that?! This poor kid isn't gonna have a freaking chance! He or she isn't even born yet and already we're mocking up mugshots and making bets about bail bonds.


It makes me sad. Think about the endless fanfare -- the magazine covers and schwag and swarms of paparazzi and weeks upon weeks of wonder -- greeting Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's new addition. I'm not making a moral/ethical comparison here, but it's not like Disick is ... um, I don't know. Are there any public figures we consider above reproach?

No, of course not. But that whole "sins of the father" concept is just a huge rip-off for kids like Lindsay Lohan's soon-to-be sibling. So what if the kid's parents are trainwrecks? How 'bout just, "Yay, a baby! Congrats!"

Oh well. Back to the gossip:

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will be a good big sister?

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