Snooki Shouldn't Waste Her Happy Pregnancy News On Haters

snooki pregnancy announcementThere was one big surprise about the way Snooki told the Jersey Shore gang about her pregnancy: She chose NOT to invite The Situation to her big announcement. How could she? Was it an oversight? Hells no! You don't just "forget" to invite The Situation. Nope, she un-invited Situation for a very good reason.

And for once I am totally with Snooki on this one. She was right not to invite him. I'm glad she didn't! This was her special moment and she deserved to have it surrounded by supportive friends. Here's what she had to say about it.



She and The Sitch aren't even friends! That's a perfectly good reason. I mean, look at how her actual "friends" responded to her news about her engagement. The pretty much ruined the night for her with their skepticism and total lack of support. With friends like these, who needs The Situation around?

I think telling people that your pregnant makes you feel even more vulnerable than telling people about your engagement. I mean, marriage can last years or it can last 72 days. But a child is forever. Not to mention, when you're pregnant you're dealing with all those changes in your body and that can make you extra sensitive emotionally. If I were Snooki I'd want to be a little self-protective, too.

I guess we'll see in next week's episode how the roommates react to Snooki's "By the way I'm pregnant" cake. And by the way, that's such a sweet and cheeky way to announce a pregnancy! 100 percent Snooki. I sure hope at least some of them were kind and congratulated her. Whether or not you think Snooki will make a great mom what she needs most in this moment is kindness and support.

Have you ever made a big group announcement that you're pregnant? Did you leave people out on purpose?


Image via MTV

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