Single Mom Katie Holmes Is Getting Strict With Suri (VIDEO)

suri cry puppyBefore I even get into the reasons why I think Suri Cruise should totally get a puppy, let me just say that I think Katie Holmes is doing a fine job as a mom, particuarly as a mom under some pretty bizarro circumstnces. So nobody think for a second that I'm suggesting Holmes is depriving Suri in some way just because the kid had a pouty-faced how much is that doggie in the window moment.

No human being of any age with that many pairs of shoes could ever be called "deprived," after all.

Nevertheless, I do think Katie Holmes should buy Suri a puppy. Why? Well, it's pretty simple: Suri is going through a tough time. Puppies make kids happy. And not in a shiny new toy kind of way -- it's been proven time and time again that caring for a pet can be therapeutic. People with pets live longer. And that's not all ...


According to the latest studies, having a dog can even help keep kids physically healthy by preventing asthma and a bunch of other stuff.

Look, I know exactly what went through Katie Holmes' head when Suri fell for that puppy ...

Oh cripes, really? That's the last thing we need right now, a puppy?! I can just hear it now, all the gossip: Katie Holmes tries to replace Tom Cruise with a puppy! A puppy is no replacement for a dad! There she goes, spoiling Suri again! I have to say no, I have to be stern!

It could be part of Holmes' starting over plan: Catholic school, a return to normalcy and rules (or an introduction, to be more precise). Which, again, I totally understand. But I still think Suri should have a puppy. 

Do you think Katie Holmes should get Suri a puppy?

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