Katie Holmes' School Plans for Suri Are a Big Diss to Scientology (VIDEO)

Suri CruiseSo, Suri Cruise is going to be a Catholic school girl. Reports say that Katie Holmes has enrolled her daughter in a prestigious Catholic school in New York -- Convent of the Sacred Heart.

It's not just any old Catholic school either, it's a fancy, pricey (tuition is $38,000 a year!), all-girl one. Its list of graduates includes a host of the rich and famous, including the likes of Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton, but it's not an entertainment school. It's a religious-based school in which Suri will be required to go to mass every Thursday and learn the teachings of the church. So take that, Scientology, this move seems to scream.

First, about two seconds after her divorce was finalized, Katie registered as a member of Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City. Now she's going and turning Suri over to the nuns, and I bet Tom and his Scientology crew are reeling.


Plenty of people will say she's trading one mind-bending religion for another, but I think it's a good and understandable decision on Katie's part -- primarily, because it's what Katie knows. She was born Catholic, and though she's wavered away from the religion during her life, it surely offers some level of comfort. After only having Suri home schooled to date, sending her off to school is a big step. So to have her go into environment like the one in which she was schooled has got to feel less scary. And with everything they've been through, she needs that.

Also, with all of the Scientology stuff Suri has been exposed to, some sort of traditional faith will offer a nice new perspective. While she may eventually disagree with some specific church teachings, or choose something different in the future, seeing the opposite side of things could be helpful to her as well.

I attended Catholic school nearly all of my life, and I swore I'd never send my children to one while I was there trying to rebel against all of their rules. But with some years under my non-uniform-issued belt, I came to change my mind, and actually currently send my son to one. We love it for him, and I can also see all of the good mine did for me in retrospect. Catholic schools aren't all nuns with rulers slapping knuckles and scaring you about going to hell; many offer a nurturing and supportive place for education, and the spiritual component can be a bonus.

So while this move seems like some big diss to Tom and Scientology, I don't think Katie did it for that reason. I think she is truly looking to do what she feels is best for Suri, and for now that means Catholic school. The best part -- how adorable is Suri going to look in a uniform!

Do you think Suri will do well in Catholic school?


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