Ex-Kardashian Nanny Gets Revenge on Mama Kris

kris jenner kim kardashianYears before I had my own kids, I spent plenty of time taking care of other people's kids, so I know how tough the nanny gig can be. Especially, I would imagine, if you're in charge of the Kardashian klan -- with Mama Kris Jenner in charge of YOU. According to Pam Behan, author of Malibu Nanny: The True Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny, Kris was harder to handle than Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert combined.

Behan paints Jenner out to be a fame-obsessed tyrant whose main concerns were grooming her kids for the spotlight and, apparently, keeping the refrigerator stocked with broccolli. (And god help the nanny who forgot to put the green veggie on the shopping list!)

Like I said, I can only imagine the unique challenges associated with the position of Official Kardashian Nanny -- I'm sure Kris was, um, a demanding boss. But the truth is, the nanny/mom dynamic is often tricky and tension-filled, even for non-celebs.


I mean, think about it. Obviously moms are ... well, moms, and of course moms should be the ones to make the call when it comes to what their kids are eating or how long they're sleeping or what TV shows they're allowed to watch.

But nannies can end up spending a LOT of time with their charges (more than anyone else, sometimes) and it's only natural to get attached (nanny to kid and vice versa). To the point where, as a nanny, you might actually end up disagreeing with the mom about the best way to care for her kids. Maybe mom thinks her son needs to drop his afternoon nap so he'll go to bed earlier, but you know dang well that by 2 p.m. the kid is so tired, he's falling asleep in the bucket swing at the playground. Maybe mom thinks stopping and smiling for the paparazzi is paramount but you think kids should be able to eat an ice cream cone unaccosted. Who knows?

Power struggles and the like are inevitable is my point. Even if you're not working for a control-freaky bee-yotch like Kris Jenner (just kidding!).

Do you think it was rough to be the Kardashian family nanny?


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