Adele's Pregnancy Craving Is Weirdest We've Ever Heard (VIDEO)

AdeleOver the years, we've heard of plenty of strange pregnancy cravings from celebrities. From Alyssa Milano's annoyingly lame desire for more broccoli to Kirstin Cavallari's understandable penchant for Twix bars, it seemed we'd heard them all.

News of what singer Adele is craving, however, blows all the others out of the water. It's even more out there than Jessica Simpson and the inexplicable desire she had to eat Pop Tarts slathered in butter (gag!).

Any guesses as to what it might be?


It's country line dancing. That's right, it's not bizarre food that the songstress has suddenly found an appetite for, but rather she's been itching to get her boot scootin' boogie on big time.

A source told The Sun that she has even taken a line-dancing class and has purchased a DVD that she can do at home.

Adele attended a line-dancing class near her home. She’s got a love of country music from spending so much time in the US and Nashville so she thought it would be a good laugh to go along with a few friends.

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Good for her! I grew up in Nebraska and lived in Texas for a time, and know a thing or two about a line dance. In fact, I once broke a bone doing so. As hokey as it may sound to rockers, it's actually a lot of fun, and I can see how it could be a great pregnant workout, as it's not (or doesn't have to be) all that intense. Sure country is a far cry from her usual music, but you never know where those pregnancy hormones are going to send you.

Of course, now the big question is if we'll eventually see any of her new moves when she gets back up on stage. I'm not holding my breath, but it could certainly add a new kick to her performances. Yeehaw!

What's the strangest pregnancy craving you have ever had?

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